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Focus on your core-business and leave the accounting and bookkeepinging to specialists.
The success of our company relies heavily on integrity, privacy and honesty towards our clients.
Our employess uphold to the higest professional standards in all of our business activities.

JOTPEK Accounting & Bookkeeping Offer

Accounting & Bookkeeping

By handling your day-to-day financial transactions, we make sure that your bookkeeping records are kept in check. Based on that, we can provide you with a detailed financial insight into your company.


We prepare tax declarations (incl. JPK VAT files) for the tax authorities in Poland. We make sure that your VAT ledger is up-to-date and that your VAT account in the Tax Office in Poland is settled.


We can set up a legal business for you in Poland: register your company in the court registry and tax office, help you with all the forms and documents including VAT EU status of your business.

Setting up a company in Poland

In theory, setting up a company in Poland is easy. In order to register a new limited liablity company, you have to visit a dedicated government website, fill in a basic form and 15 minutes later your limited liability company is ready to operate. It has its own  business court registration number (KRS), tax ID number (VAT EU) and bank account. Easy, right? Yes, but…

JOTPEK Accounting & Bookkeeping

JOTPEK Ltd. (Sp. z o.o.) is an experienced accounting and bookkeeping company rendering services for businesses operating in the Lower Silesia voivodship in Poland. With 100+ customers from different market segments (from hospitality, to ITC, to transportation, to construction and others)  we have a good exposure to different type of businesses and their specific needs in terms of accouting and bookeeping. We understand that each business is unique and based on individual circumstances we can suggest the optimal accounting and tax solutions.

What can we do for you

JOTPEK Ltd. offers comprehensive accounting and bookkeeping services for entities which seek professionalism and integrity. Our clients include, among others, limited liability companies, corporations, partnerships, cooperatives, non-profit businesses and sole proprietorships. We represent our clients in contacts with the Polish tax authorities (US), business court registry (KRS), statistical office (GUS) and social insurer (ZUS). We provide accounting and bookkeeping services, manage HR and calculate payroll and take care of all administrative issue of running a business in Poland.

Accounting for LLC

In Poland, all limited liability companies are required to keep full accounting books – the most complex means for bookkeeping and accounting.

HR & Payroll

We calculate salaries for your employees, prepare bank transfers for remuneration, calculate contributions to the social security and income tax advances. We take care of all aspects of HR & payroll.


Every business entity operating in Poland has to provide regular tax declaration to the Polish Tax Office. We make sure that your taxes are optimised and comply with the Polish law.

Lump-Sum Tax and Tax Card

For smaller taxpayers (e.g. taxi drivers, hair saloons) we offer simple bookkeeping and payroll accounting making sure that the records are up-to-date and in line with existing tax regulations.

Simplified Accounting

Sole proprietorships and some partnerships can use simplified accounting and bookkeeping rules. Even though simplified they are still quite complex.

Administrative Services

We can register a company in your name with a valid VAT EU (NIP) number, KRS (court registration number), REGON (statistical number) and bank account. We take care of all the paper work involved in running a business in Poland.

Costs of Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

JOTPEK Ltd. offers a full range of accounting and bookkeeping services. The prices vary depending on the complexity of the service required. A starting monthly price for a limited liability company (sp. z o.o.) is 500,- zł (excl. VAT), for a sole proprietorship it is 150,- zł (excl. VAT). After circ. 3 months, the prices are reviewed and adjusted downward or upward depending on the number of accounting documents to be processed. HR & Payroll services starts at 40,- zł (excl. VAT) per employee. For larger amount of employees discounts are possible.

Accounting and bookkeeping for a limited liability company is the most complex form of accounting in Poland. It involves keeping a full ledger of all financial transactions, bank statements,  JPK VAT declaration (monthly or quarterly), and declarations for the statistical office, social security and health contributions and premiums to the fund for people with disabilities (PFRON).

Regardless of its legal form, every company with employees has to prepare monthly payroll incl. social security and health contributions (the employer’s share and the employees’ share), retirement fund premiums, and the employees’ capital plans (PPK). Holiday benefits and sick leaves (when applicable) should also be included. At JOTPEK, we take care of all your HR & Payroll activities for a flat fee per employee (starting at 40,- zł / employee).

Simplified accounting and bookkeeping is the form chose by most sole proprietorships. Regardless of the company size and market segment JOTPEK Accounting & Bookkeeping offers professional expertise at competitive prices.

If you plan to set up a new company in Poland, we can take care of all administrative and formal requirements for you. A standard procedure for settings up a new company in Poland (with active VAT EU status and bank account) takes up to 30 days. However, when necessary, the procedure can be shortened to 1 day.

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